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         ​                        ...¨Imagine inspiring and engaging people of all ages, using music, dance, and theater

                                  as the light leading the way.  One World Arts has provided an array of programs since 1991." 


One World Arts Incorporated


  Nancy Friedman -  Co-founder

  One World Arts,

  Composer, Co-founder, Artistic Director - ¡Retumba!

  Nancy is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of ¡Retumba!  She was born in East    

  Harlem, New York, and chose percussion as the focus of her musical expression.

  She studied music theory at California State College in Sonoma and continued

  her musical studies upon her return to New York City, at the Harbor Conservatory

  for the Performing Arts in East Harlem; where she studied percussion with Louis

  Bauzo; as well as studying privately with master drummers Frankie Malabe,

  Roberto Borrell, John Amira, and Felipe Garcia. In addition to playing percussion

  She is a freelance musician and has performed with a variety of groups in

  the New York area as a composer, arranger and percussionist throughout her

  career. She also performed at the Clearwater Music Revival with Dizzy Gillespie,

  and at Carnegie Hall with Pete Seeger.

  Performer, Accompanist, and Instructor for the ArtsConnection program from

  1986 to present; she performs, teaches, and demonstrates different musical

  forms of the Caribbean, to students in New York City’s public schools. She

  has been the Artist-in-residence with the ArtsConnection Program from 1993

  to present, at PS 155 in East Harlem’s District 4 and at CES 53 in District 9,

  for 5 years. She is a performer, accompanist, and instructor on the Community

  Works, TheatreWorks USA, Center for Traditional Music and Dance; as well as

  Midori and Friends roster of artists.

  Her Polygala Publishing Company, which has been with ASCAP for over 10

  years, has published songs on the ¡Retumba Live! CD, where she is a writer,

  arranger, and musician. In addition to Afroditee’s “Sex in New York City” CD

  CD, where she is a musician, composer and executive producer.  

  One of her original songs ”Que Viva la Mujer Latina” was included in the

  documentary “West 47th Street” produced by Lichtenstein Creative Media

  (“LCM”) and debuted at the Cinema du Reel festival in Paris at the Pompidou

  Centre in early March of 2001.

  Nancy Friedman has appeared on many television shows, including the T.V.

  show “Club La Bomba” on the Metro Channel on Cable; where she performed

  with !Retumba!  She has performed in most of the major venues throughout

  the Tri-State New York area, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Town

  Hall, Aaron Davis Hall, The Concert Hall, and Lovinger Theatre at Lehman

  Center for the Performing Arts, The State Theatre of New Brunswick, New

  Jersey Performing Arts Center, South Jersey Performing Arts Center, Paramount

  Theater in Peekskill, New York; as well as The Walt Disney  Concert Hall, Mahaffey  


                                                             Yvette Martinez - President and Co-founder

                                                             One World Arts, Inc

                                                  .          Co-founder and Artistic Director of ¡Retumba!

  Welcome and thanks for visiting our site!  One World Arts is a non-profit organization    that  

  offers a variety of services to communities throughout the NY/Tri-state area, and beyond.

  Its’ emphasis is on cultural performances, concerts, and special presentations at theaters,

  colleges, universities, and a wide array of community festivals.  In addition to  our exposure 

  to local artistic venues, One World Arts has provided an ongoing presence in the New York

  and New Jersey public and private school arena.  While implementing scores of Arts-in-

  Education programs throughout, One World Arts is recognized for its’ excellence within

  the public, as well as private sector.  Our organization is dedicated to entertainment

  on many   levels.  While remaining ever mindful of the joys of cultural exchange through

  the performing arts, One World Arts has expanded its’  program to include performances

  at corporate, as well as private events.  Embracing diversity through the arts is what we

  do best.

  Having been born in  the South Bronx to  parents from Puerto Rico, I was blessed with an  

  early exposure to the diverse cultural influences of the Caribbean.  I  have been  involved 

  in performance  of   the  folk  arts  since  1980.  My  work  is  rooted  in  the  exploration  of 

  the  African  and  Indigenous  cultures , and  their  influence on  the  music  and  dance of 

  the Caribbean.  When  I  began  researching my  cultural  and  ancestral  background, I

  began to  see  and  hear  similarities  within the music and dance of other cultures.  I  was 

  intrigued  by  what was shared  among  our  world  cultures.  We  celebrate  similar holidays 

  and  milestones,  and  engage in  similar  ceremonies;  which  brings  me  to  my   mission -

  One  World,  One  Human  Race ...living  with  respect,  peace and   harmony.  Of  course,

  through the experience of music and dance.  What  a  wonderful way  to  break  down 


  Special Awards and Mentions:

  The Bronx Times - "25 Influential Women of the Bronx"  2018  (In  

   recognition of Commitment, Dedication and Excellence)

   El Comité Noviembre  2016 – “Lo Mejor de Nuestra Comunidad”  (The Best of

   Our Community Award)
  "Guaitiao/Friendship Taino Award for Community”  2015  (For   

   outstanding achievement and accomplishments within the Taino

  "Latina 50 Plus Arts Award"  2014  (For Lifetime Commitment,

   Wisdom, and Dedication to the Latino Community)
   Lifetime Achievement Award  2008  "Bobby Capo Award"  (For

   Recognition of Leadership and Service to The Arts and Culture)
   El Diaro La Prensa - New York’s #1 Spanish newspaper,  1998 

   (Selected as one of "50 Outstanding Latinas"). 
  "BRIO Award" (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) 1996  (Fellowship and 

   Support for Artistic Excellence)